Real Style is a Digital Magazine With Click To Shop Technology

The Montreal Gazette writes about the launch of Real Style Digital Magazine

Real Style Magazine In The Montreal GazetteA new website launched on Thursday has billed itself as Canada's "first interactive digital fashion magazine," which allows visitors to view the site much in the way one would a hard copy - but with features that can only be found online.'s Real Style magazine looks much like the print version of any number of fashion mags - sartorially minded celebrity profiles, shopping tips and pop-culture insights all abound - but it takes that concept, already employed by many newspapers, to a logical next step.

Let's be honest: Half the reason you read fashion magazines is for the ads, and the other half is to for ideas for the newest members of your burgeoning wardrobe family.

Real Style, then, cuts out the hassle of (gasp!) going to a store to buy the item in question, instead linking you to a website where you can buy it directly.

Needless to say, your credit-card provider might be a fan of this arrangement. Think of it as a shopping mall, but without all the walking or roving bands of hormonal teenagers.

Beyond purely commercial innovations, the format allows for plenty of extra content at the click of a mouse.

The magazine has videos from designers and stylists, suggestions for more affordable outfits than the ones featured, makeup tutorials - and anything else you'd expect from your favourite fashion rags.

Original Content Appeared In The Montreal Gazette in Tuesday, December 7th 2010