Real Style Magazine 'It's Really The Next Generation'

The National Post talks about the launch of Real Style Magazine - Online mag with a hard-copy feel goes live

Real Style Magazine National Post

The founder of a new Canadian online fashion magazine feels her product is a model that other online publications will follow. Real Style Magazine was launched this week, promoted by its creators as "Canada's first interactive digital fashion magazine."

The online publication is designed to have the look and feel of a hardcopy magazine. Readers can start from the cover, easily flipping through the virtual pages, like they can with any other magazine. But along the way through the content, readers can click on links that will bring them more details on the topic they are reading about, or a related video. As well, the advertisements provide direct links to an online property that sells the product being promoted.

The magazine is associated with Real Style Network, a website that has been in operation for about a year. Most of this network is more typical of other online publications, providing various headline links and subcategories to click on, with updates throughout the day.

Real Style Magazine, which is not available in hard copy, will follow the traditional magazine model in that it will only change when a new edition comes out. The current plan is to publish quarterly.

Real Style Magazine founder and president Elen Steinberg said the value being offered to both readers and advertisers makes her magazine's format something others are likely to copy. "It's really exciting, because you're kind of on the front lines of the way the media's changing," she said. "You can recreate the experience of a print magazine, but it's so much more enhanced. You've got video, everything is linkable .... It's really the next generation.'

Given the growing popularity of mobile devices, Steinberg said there are plans to install technology to make the online magazine compatible with devices such as Black-Berrys, iPhones and iPads by next week.

The new magazine can be accessed at

Original Content Appeared In The National Post in Wednesday, December 8th 2010